“Pho and I” is one of the most likable restaurants in Boston. The restaurant’s theme is a dual concept of Vietnam-meets-Thai, since the owner, Napat Sriwannavit is part Vietnamese, part Thai, and part Chinese. “Pho and I” features a spare comfortable dining area allowing guests to concentrate on the flavors of classic Vietnamese and Thai dishes. It is the perfect place for a quick dinner or lunch, as meals are served accurately and promptly. The prices are reasonable, making it a popular destination for young students. It’s also easily accessible on Huntington Ave near the old Aldous building.

The menu at “Pho and I” is fantastic, with something of a “greatest hits” quality. Traditionally, Thai dishes that are crunchy and sweet have those features amped up. Portions are large. Hot meals are spicy, and the service is attentive and unusually quick. You will find everything here, from the custom Vietnamese style spring roll, rice, and noodle dishes, to the pad Thai, satay, and pho. Ingredients are flavorful and fresh, and the level of spices can be adjusted for the faint or the bold of the taste bud.

“Pho and I” offers a wonderful selection of appetizers, among them the crispy roll appetizer. This selection is one of the most popular at the restaurant and boasts an irresistible flavor. The crispy roll appetizer goes for $4.95 and features homemade sauce and a combination of vegetables. The fresh roll appetizer is also quite popular among patrons. This selection goes for $4.95 and features peanut sauce, tofu or shrimp, sliced pork, rice vermicelli, and shredded lettuce. The edamame appetizer also goes for $4.95 and features light sea salt and steamed Japanese soybean. Equally delightful is the gyoza appetizer which goes for $5.50 and features “Pho and I”’s homemade soy sauce, cabbage, pork, steamed dumplings with grilled chicken fillings.

If you are up for some wonton, the crispy wonton appetizer is your best bet. This selection goes for $5.50 and features sweet chili sauce, and shrimp and pork stuffing in golden-brown fried wonton skin. The shrimp toast appetizer goes for $5.95 and features homemade sauce and deep-fried shrimp paste served on a French toast. The shumai appetizer goes for $5.95 and features the restaurant’s homemade soy sauce and steamed shumai with shrimp fillings.

For a chicken-filled adventure, try the country wing appetizer or chicken satay appetizer. The country win appetizer goes for $5.95 and features chili sauce and deep-fried chicken wings. Their Marinated chicken satay appetizer goes for $6.95 and features cucumber salad, Thai peanut sauce, and is grilled on skewers.

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